Monday, April 18, 2011

Jumping The Broom: Meet The Groom

Laz Alonso in Ebony's May Issue

"I knew I had a vision for where I wanted my career to go.  Honestly, it took a lot of courage for me to say no."  Laz in Ebony's May issue speaking of how the former Wall Street executive, felt about having to turn down stereotypical typecast offers to play bad guys, adulterers and molesters.

We loved him in James Cameron's Avatar as TsuTey; he was the tribal warrior next on the throne to be Chief and to be mated with the lovely Zoe Saldana.  Even in blue-face he carried a strong sexy spirit.  

in James Cameron's Avatar, Tsu Tey

We loved to hate him in Stomp The Yard, opposite Columbus Short and Darren DeWitt Henson (SoulFood, the series) and This Christmas featuring Chris Brown, where he played braggadocios Fraternity leader Zeke of Mu Zeta Inc. and the cheating scoundrel of a husband to one of our favorites Regina King, respectively.  We cherished him in Miracle at St. Ana always maintaining a statuesque intelligent presence, among many others. 

Yes Laz Alonso has entered the building and he is scorching his way toward the top of the list to be one of Hollywood’s most desirable leading men.  And in Jumping The Broom, we got him, keeping African American traditions alive, " is shown in [other] communities."  This is one of the reasons, this Hollywood heart-throb said yes to such a poignant movie.

A departure from some of the roles we've seen him in the past, Laz Alonso, plays Jason Taylor; a beautiful, professionally-driven, caring man who has quickly fallen deeply in love with a gem of a woman, Sabrina Watson, played by Paula Patton.  There are many similarities that Alonso bears with Jason.  Both the character and the man were raised by a single mother, attended Howard University and worked on Wall Street.  The biggest difference right now is that his goal is to marry his career.  That is not to say, he won't get married.  He explains in both Ebony and Latina magazines, he will when the time is right.

When it comes to happiness, morals, devotion and work ethic, stars for character and man couldn’t have aligned any brighter.  And as part of a movie that boasts an  exclusive deal between Sony and renowned minister T.D. Jakes to bring positive images of diverse backgrounds to the screen, Laz Alonso's timing couldn't be any better.
Sabrina & Jason
Like Jason, Alonso is holding his own.  And we are looking forward to seeing him in theaters, nationwide May 6, 2011.  Until then we can check him out in his new A&E drama series, Breakout Kings which premiered in early March, and airs every Sunday 10pmE/9pm central  Check local listings for channels.
On May 6, we’ll wait no longer; we’ve all been invited to watch the runner is pulled down the aisle.   Jumping The Broom, opens nationwide in theaters on May 6.

You can also catch full articles of Laz Alonso in Ebony and Latina magazines, on stands now.


  1. Love him!!!!! I also watch his new show Breakout Kings.

  2. I felt he was the weakest link. Sorry, but I didn't buy his character at all. I didn't feel any love, chemistry or connection between him and Paula. He is not reading for the leading man role. He lacks the ability to be vulnerable, emotional or expressive. A romantic lead needs to make you want to root for him. Laz failed at that aspect. I honestly thought Sabrina was downgrading and settling. I left that movie thinking that 1) they should have never got married and 2) they were going to be terribly disappointed on their wedding night when they realized they have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever.