Thursday, October 27, 2011

Girl TD Interviews Paula Patton

Girl TD recently had the opportunity for a quick one-on-one with actress Paula Patton.  The star was at the Blogalicious Conference in the D.C. area on behalf of CoverGirl.  In case you hadn't heard, Patton is the most recent spokesperson for the CoverGirl Queen Collection.  Wearing a custom mix of the CoverGirl lip colors, Ruby Slipper and Into The Red, the actress took a moment to answer a few of our questions.

Monday, October 24, 2011

GirlTD goes V.I.P.

Pose Ultralounge and Nightclub at The Gaylord National D.C.
I was told, when traveling always to carry a little black dress or a slinky knit formal ball gown that you can unroll once you pull it out of your luggage.  Well over this past weekend, GirlTD had an opportunity to use both, the gown and the dress.

First up, The Dress, was appropriate at  Pose, a hotspot located in the mini-city of the Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Hotel

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneak Peak: The Game Season 5

So if you saw Reed Between The Lines, BET's new hit show (from the first episode, we're claiming it),  you may have caught a sneak peek of our other favorite-The Game. That's right, the cast has been filming season 5. Here's the sneak peek. Get the popcorn ready!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Reed Between The Lines" Debuts On BET

Looks like BET has another original  hit on the network. "Reed Between The Lines" is a feel good comedy about a modern day family featuring healthy, strong Black Love and fans are loving it.  On the double episode premiere, we are introduced to the Reeds: Alex (Malcolm Jamal Warner who also Produces) Carla (Tracee Ellis Ross, Producer) and their three adorable children: Kenan & Kasey (fraternal twins) and Alexis, the babygirl of the family.  Supporting Actresses feature fan favorites: Anna Marie Horsford (Amen, The Wayans Brothers) and Melissa DeSousa (The Best Man).

Cast of Reed Between The Lines

Alex and Carla, both Doctors in their respective fields of Education and Psychology navigate marriage, family, careers, friends and co-workers in a very familiar format.  Sure we may have seen the story before, but even in its familiarity, this story is, renewed, uplifting, healthy and strong.  We deserve it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sparkle Production Underway In Detroit

As I ready myself to watch the iconic movie "Sparkle", for the fiftieth time, airing on TV One, I am so happy to have come across proof that the 2012 release is well underway in full production in Detroit.

The Akils on the set of "Sparkle" now filming in Detroit
Heading this stellar team, as shown above, is the dynamic duo, Salim (Director) and Mara (Writer) Akil Along with Uber-Producers Debra Martin Chase and original 1976 Producer Howard Rosenman, and Girl TD couldn't be more excited.

For those who may have hidden under a rock, Sparkle (the original "Dreamgirls") tells the story of  what the flip side of fame, money and drugs does to even a closely knit musically inclined family of three sisters.  These sisters are catapulted to neighborhood fame in Harlem where many of the Greats got their start.  However that fame, as always, come with a price.  And for these three sisters and their mother, the cost is way too high.   

We all know the story is there.  The production is tight but what has Girl TD stoked? The Cast.  This team has amassed talent that we hope to please.  In the vain of the OG's like Lonette McKee as the multi-layered and torn "Sister", Irene Cara, Mary Alice and Dwan Smith (especially when she told Mama Effie she was leaving), this new cast have huge shoes to fill. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why A White Person Should Never Drop The "N" Bomb

On today's show, "The View", Sherri Shepherd took Barbara Walters to task for using the "N" word but let Whoopi Goldberg off the hook. 

Barbara Walters and Sherri Shepherd of "The View"

While reporting about statements from Republican Presidential hopeful, Herman Cain, Whoopi Goldberg called out the name of a hunting camp owned by Presidential hopeful Rick Perry.  The "N" word is a part of the name of this camp and "The People" are calling Rick Perry and his family on the ownership of it.  The Perry part of this story doesn't surprise us but what did is the discussion Sherri had with her boss, over the use of the word. 

Now let's be clear.  Whoopi nor Barbara called anyone the "N" word.  Whoopi reported it and Barbara repeated it.  Whoopi then went on to argue her thoughts; the use of, and the word shouldn't be sanitized.  [It evokes a different meaning for different generations and eradicating the word from history "paints over" the existence of it].  I hear that perspective.

The real question is however, should Barbara have repeated the word even though it is in the title of the subject being discussed?  Should a White person ever use the word?  The answer is: