Monday, May 20, 2013

New Summer Sizzlers, HIT THE FLOOR, GRACELAND And Returning Favorites, SUITS...

Devil Girls
VH1 Hit The Floor
Airs Monday 5/27 9pm on VH1
Scandal may have left us holding our breath, but there are some new and returning summer sizzlers that promise to fill the Scandal void.  Three Words:  HIT THE FLOOR.  VH1's newest hit.

You've entered the world where, "....Players are gods, dancers are goods!"  Sloane Hayes, former Devil Girl turned protective mom, advises her beautifully talented daughter Ahsha, hell bent on becoming a Devil Girl in the new scripted television series, Hit The Floor.

Kimberly Elise as Sloane Hayes
Hit The Floor

Yes Mama Hayes has been there, done that and the pom poms have faded.  Now she tries to steer her daughter away from the craziness of professional sports, womanizers, mean girls and near maniacal coaches, everyone with an agenda.

The show combines the performance aspect television viewers love (Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance), Sports (Necessary Roughness) and drama, sex, power, money and intrigue, we crave (Scandal). 

It looks like VH1 got this one right.  They've combined beauty, terrific eye candy and strong names like Kimberly Elise (Set It Off, Ditchdiggers Daughters, Diary of a Mad Black Woman), Dean Cain (Superman) and wrapped it in a neat summertime bow just for us.  We are watching!  The Series Premieres Memorial Day Monday May 27 at 9pm est/pst.  We're watching and predicting, this one is a hit!

Also new Graceland (USA).  June 6, Thursdays.  Six undercover agents, one house and a thousand lies!  Girl TD thinks of it as 6 Hucks rolling around.

Returning favorites, Suits (USA).  Jessica, Harvey and the whole gang are back July 16 with a season of espionage, intrigue and front stabbing.  Nobody knows how to stab you in the front like Jessica.  Common Law (USA) and Sherlock (CBS) are also slated for return.  Check local listings for dates and times.  For a complete list of new and returning shows for the summer season, Click Here for HuffPost TV.

Is your favorite on the list?  Are you watching Hit The Floor?  What are you watching this summer?


  1. I like Kimberly Elise too. I'll give it a watch.

  2. If these actors' skills aren't any better than other scripted shows on VH1 (Single Ladies) then they just as well let high schoolers write the scripts. If your actors can't act you're doomed

  3. that hit the floor is the shit and so is graceland if you never seen it b4 you MUST WATCH them MF is BAD you HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!